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What is a clearspan marquee?

A clearspan marquee is a flexible temporary structure that is suitable for all events from private parties, weddings through to corporate events and festivals.  It has an aluminium frame covered in PVC which is then lined and dressed up if required, or kept quite simply as is. There are no central poles so you have an unobstructed, clear open space within the marquee and no guy ropes or fixings outside.

Clearspan marquees are secure, well insulated for winter use and 100% waterproof, as well as being airy and bright for summer use.  Within the marquees, ‘separate areas’ can be created too, perhaps for a reception or dance area and the kitchen/catering area will be screened from sight too.

Clearspan marquees are also the preferred option for hard standing and for difficult areas eg: slopes.  Weights will be used to secure the marquee in these situations.

Our marquees can accommodate from 30 to 700 guests.

What are Pagodas?

Lovingly known as the “Chinese hat’ tents or ‘pointy tents’!

These structures are also highly versatile and robust and come in a range of sizes and with or without walls .  Walls can be fully panoramic enabling those within to see outside. They can be used as:

  • Entrances or receptions for larger marquees
  • ‘Chill out’ space outside a main marquee
  • Catering tents
  • Standalone ‘tents’ to provide shade/shelter or covered seating
  • Garden party marquees where space is limited
Where can we put a marquee?

In an ideal world, level ground is best with well cut grass!

We have placed marquees over:

  • Lawns
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pools
  • Driveways
  • Front and/or back gardens
  • Paddocks
  • Patios
  • Pergolas (going up and over!)
  • The back of houses – attaching the marquee to the house to make a ‘seamless’ room for extra entertainment
Will a marquee damage our lawn/garden?

Grass that has been covered for several days will never look its best when uncovered, however it does recover quickly.  We have never had problems with this because we take care. In particular, if parts of the garden are incorporated in the marquee and this is very effective.  If the garden is wet when we come to erect, we will park on a hard standing and carry the components in. We will always ask permission if we need to drive over lawns and grass areas.

Can we use a marquee in the winter?

Yes of course.  We have indirect blower heaters that can be used and with carpet and the sides down our marquees are very snug.   We erect marquees for Halloween parties, Christmas and New Year events. We are very well versed in the winter weather and will advise accordingly.

What if it gets too hot in a marquee?

The sides can be rolled up and we will show you how to do this or, do it for you if we are on site on the day.

Is the marquee safe?

Our marquees are safe.  Once constructed they will be signed off and advice will be given prior to the crew leaving the site.  As long as advice is followed and the integrity of the marquee is not compromised in any way, there will be no problems.

  • The PVC is flame retardant and adheres to standards.
  • 20 year’s experience within the industry with an experienced crew erecting the marquee.  You are in capable hands.
  • An aluminium frame means it is a strong structure that will not collapse.
  • Advice will be given prior to leaving site so that the client is happy.
  • An emergency number means you can rest assured that you have someone you can contact in case of questions.
  • Robust health and safety procedures in place.
What is the difference between lining a marquee and an unlined marquee?

Our flat white or ivory pleated linings add a sumptuous feel to the marquee for special events.  Unlined is suitable for trade shows or events where the PVC and frame are not a concern aesthetically.  For the night-time there are black out linings and star cloth linings to bring more atmosphere into the event.

Are all marquees stand alone or can I attach a marquee to my house to provide extra room?

We can attach a marquee to a house or building with the use of pvc gutter to provide extra space for entertainment.  We can attach:

  • Over a patio for extra space.
  • ‘Up and over’ a Pergola and patio.
  • To out-buildings to provide dining space or a dance area perhaps.
  • ‘Covers’ over terraced narrow gardens in towns. (These can be more technical and access needs to be considered as it may mean carrying equipment through the house).

Lulu’s love a challenge!

What about power, heating and lighting in the marquee?

Power depends on where you place your marquee and what you will be doing at your event.  We can advise on all of this but think about catering requirements, band, DJ, lighting and so forth so that we can accurately gauge requirements.  If you need a generator, we will help you.

Lighting and heating we will advise on.  The range of lighting now is incredible from uplighters, chandeliers, lanterns, twinkle lights and festoons to outdoor lighting.  Heating is in the form of indirect blower heaters.

What size marquee will I require?

This depends on the number of guests.  Whether you are seating around round tables or trestle tables.  Will you be needing a dance floor? Staging? Bar? Chill out area?  Advice will be given on all of this, don’t worry.


Basic sizes are as follows:


Party of 90 guests seated around round tables with a dance area and staging 9m x 15m

Party of 110 guests seated around round tables with a dance area and staging 9m x 18m

Party of 120 guests seated around round tables with a dance area and staging 9m x 21m

Or 12m x 15m

Party of 150 guests seated around round tables with a dance area and staging 12m x 18m

When will the marquee go up?

Depending on what you require it can be anything from 3 days before your event to the day before.  However, we discuss this with you and will allow you plenty of time for decoration and set up. If a Saturday event, it will be completed by the Thursday before (particularly for weddings) but this can be adjusted to suit the client.  We work with our clients on this.

When is the de-rig (take down) and can I have the marquee longer?

Usually you have the marquee for the Saturday event.  We would take down on the Sunday or Monday if the equipment is required elsewhere.  With prior consent the marquee can stay up for longer. If we have to remove the marquee on the Sunday it won’t be too early!

Who is responsible for my event clear down and rubbish?

Whoever generates the rubbish, removes the rubbish and we remove all of ours.   The marquee will need to be clear for the de-rig.

As an aside, it is worth considering waste containers for your event and discussing waste with your suppliers early on– caterers, florists and so forth.

Who can I talk to once I have booked with Lulu’s, if I have questions?

Quite simply, any of us!  We are all here to help you.

  • Mike and Tracy usually deal with the booking, site visit and quotation.
  • Tracy goes on to take the booking forward, order what is required and schedule the build and is fully contactable throughout the time you are with us.
  • Tracy will also step in if you need advice on interiors or assistance running the event or organising it from booking.
  • The operations team will carry out the build and you will be introduced to the Supervisor 4 weeks before the event who will lead you through the build programme.
Will Lulu’s share my information with third parties?

All our third party suppliers are trusted and we have known them for years.  If we have to hire furniture in, generators for example, for your event, then we will have to provide a delivery address.  However, the Lulu’s company name will be on the delivery note and it will be delivered and signed for by a Lulu’s member of staff unless other arrangements have been made with the client.  If we need to pass your details on, we will of course ask for your permission first.

How can I maintain privacy at my home when the Lulu’s crew are on site?

The supervisor fully briefs the crew before any build and this is one thing we reiterate, client privacy.  Our staff are mindful of your privacy, will not take photographs or roam where they should not be. All our staff undertake a basic disclosure check and will be wearing Lulu’s branded clothing.

Do I need to do or provide anything before the marquee build?

We will send a checklist out to you about 4 weeks before your event, around the time the Supervisor makes the final site check.  This will list things that may need attention. But don’t worry, it is usually things like checking for overhanging branches in the site area, any changes in the ground from the initial site visit, any drastic changes to numbers of guests and so forth.  We would ask for the ground to be closely mowed and the ground cleared before the build.

What is the booking process?

Most initial enquiries are by email and telephone calls and we are more than happy with that.  The usual process is:

  • The offer of a ‘No obligation’ site visit.  We will get to know you and what you want and check the land so that what you require in the marquee will quite simply ‘fit’ in the space you have.
  • A quotation will go out to you within 2 working days of the site visit.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 30% will secure the date and booking along with the signed booking form.
  • An Order Confirmation is then sent to you to confirm your booking.
  • Final balance is due 14 days before the event.
What happens if there is a problem during the event?

Don’t worry, you will have emergency contact numbers but we will go through any likelihood of anything happening prior to leaving the site so that you are confident that you have everything you need for any eventuality.  We do not leave you until you are happy.

We will advise you if we think you will need a technician for your event or any support staff.

In the event of adverse weather, Mike will keep you fully updated if there are to be any technical changes.

Can I come out and see one of your marquees before I book?

We advise that you check on the workmanship of any  marquee contractor you may be considering before you book.  Look at the cleanliness of the PVC, linings and carpet and the crew’s attention to detail.  We would love to show you one of our marquees as long as we have one going up and with the client’s permission of course.

We can provide testimonials and even have clients who would vouch for our work over the telephone.

Can you recommend suppliers – caterers, florists, photographers for example?

Yes of course.  We work with some wonderful people on many different events and weddings that we are able to tell you about so that you can choose according to your taste.  We have no allegiance with any but if we love their work and they have done a fabulous job, we will tell you and then you can decide for yourself.

Do you provide advice on security for a marquee based event?

Security is a consideration for many now unfortunately.  It will give peace of mind if the party is at your house or on your land and we can put you in touch with a company who have done many parties for our clients.  They will provide all the advice that you need.

How do you style the interior of a marquee?

You can have a basic unlined structure with furniture for an informal gathering in the garden through to a professionally ‘styled’ grand affair.  Tracy will is the point of contact for interior décor advice and any advice regarding to your event organisation and co-ordination.

Why should I choose Lulu’s Marquees?

We know that we are more expensive than the rest.  We are passionate about our work and about helping our clients create their dream event.  We stay in touch with our clients all the way from booking to when we walk away, with our aim being to remove the stress from you along the way.  We have seen it and done it all over the years so you can leave us to deal with any concerns that come up.

We work hard to maintain our equipment to the highest standards, and have staff who know and deliver to our standards.

We love the fact that along the way, we have made some wonderful friends through our clients who come back to us because they trust us.