Marquee Based Events – busting the Marquee Myths!

We have seen so many marquee based events in the area of late, with more to come. Henley Royal Regatta, Henley Festival, Royal Ascot to name but a few. But marquees are fabulous for entertaining privately in your garden, on your land, over your swimming pool – the list is endless.

Busting the Marquee Myths!

1. Marquees can not be used in the winter months.

With all of the sides pulled down, good flooring and heating you will be very snug indeed. And when the alcohol flows and the music starts, your guests will be far too busy having fun!

2. Marquees cannot be built on concrete.

With the use of weights and following safety guidelines, marquees can be securely positioned on hard standings.

3. Marquees come in ‘packages’!

This was something I always wondered about before I entered the events industry. Marquees are modular and Lulu’s Marquees operate in 3m increments so sizes and heights can vary according to client requirements.  So no, they are not packages but very much bespoke!

The barn is full of pvc and steel that when stored, looks nothing like a marquee until the crew weave their magic!

4. Marquees cannot be put on uneven ground or over raised areas.

Uneven ground can be alleviated by putting in flooring to level it out and with different length marquee legs, a marquee can run across a lawn and then up and over a terrace, for example.

5. Marquees are not safe in the wind.

There are safety guidelines that are followed and if the wind speeds reach a certain limit, then action will be taken by the marquee company. The limits are different for each marquee but any good marquee contractor will keep an eye on the weather, have adequate risk assessments and advise accordingly.  It may be that if it exceeds a certain limit then an event will have to be cancelled but that has not happened yet.


The Marquee Myth Buster